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Introduction to Japanese Akoya Pearls

 Japanese Akoya Pearls are often named and praised as one of the most beautiful pearls in the world. The pearls, nurtured in clear and fertile sea around Japanese Islands, are smooth in tactility. At the same time, they take on a natural purity and a glossy luster in sight. If you put on our pearls, the classy elegance will distinguish your beauty and grace.


The Aesthetics of Pearls

 If you are looking for any necklace of pearls, you might have heard of the term HANADAMA. In jewelry industry, as you know, Hanadama is the highest grade of pearls judged by experts, a criterion that constitutes the extraordinary excellence of pearls in luster, nacre, surface, and shape.

 Hanadama, in fact, is nothing but one of the aesthetic standards to judge the quality and authenticity of pearls. In practice, such judgement depends on each expert, and Hanadama is not necessarily the comprehensive standard to put all the quality and value of pearls in examination. This is certainly a pearl of wisdom.

 Among pearls not qualified as Hanadama, such as ones authorized except in nacre, there are potentially exquisite ones sure enough to endorse your beauty and dignity. The potential value of pearls as such are often underestimated, and their whole value cannot be judged according to the Hanadama qualities exclusively.

 We are looking forward to giving you pleasure by all of our fine and diverse pearls, including Hanadama.


Founding of Kosho Jewelry

 In 1991, Kosho Jewelry, “the pearl of great price,” was founded. The owner NISHINO Mitsuaki acquired a keen eye for and a practical knowledge of jewelry while working under a jewelry dealer. He finally made his earnest aspiration realize, by establishing a retailing place to offer the selected pearls at just the right cost.

The Kosho Difference

 We are confident of our connoisseurship to judge the potential value of pearls and are excited to announce our affiliation with a special wholesaler to order various and fine materials.

 Most of you might hesitate to purchase the upmarket products of Hanadama pearls. Still, you must not give up and just trust us. We have already established our own trading route to order EVERY KIND of exquisite pearls, including Hanadama ones, from Ise-Shima, one of the most prominent areas in Japan for producing superb Akoya pearls. Our skillful and full-fledged experts intensively screen the ordered pearls for the best gems, and then make the RIGHT PEARLS available for you at just the RIGHT COST.


 Not only the pearl products of all sorts including ones of Hanadama pearls, but the tailor-made accessories paired pearls with diamonds or color stones, are available. Enjoy the excellence of our pearls.



Company Plofile

Corporate Name Kosho Co. Ltd.
Location Felix-Nishijin Building 7th floor, 4-3-20, Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, 814-0002, Japan
Founding Year 1991
Executive Officer and Creator NISHINO Mitsuaki
Contact Us (domestic) 092-821-0315 / (international) +81-092-821-0315/
FAX:092-834-5773 /e-mail:
Services Jewelry trade.
Products of pearls: Akoya, black-lip, silver-lip, and fresh water, etc.
Other jewelry products: diamonds and color stones, etc.
Business Form Consignment sales at affiliated department stores, and direct sales at exhibitions and other events.
Partnerships for Consignment Sales department stores such as Iwataya, Izutsuya, and Hamaya, etc.